Paviljonki at Jyväskylä, 11-13 October, 2018

Registration 2018

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Registration for KoneAgria 2018 Exhibition

KoneAgria 2018 is held on 11-13 October at Jyväskylä. 
The registration is open at

When you’ve completed your registration and declared your preferences for the size and location of your section (e.g. indoor or outdoor space), you can review your contact and billing information, state the number of exhibition passes you require, and provide the information to be printed on the exhibition catalog as well as information about your new releases you plan to feature at the exhibition. Directions for ordering utilities to your section will be provided at the ExtraNet page at a later date.

Further information and requests:

Mr Marko Toivakka, Exhibition Manager of KoneAgria
Tel. + 358 400 735 259

Mrs Niina Lampinen, Event Producer of KoneAgria
Tel. + 358 43 826 7291