Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC) 12-14 October, 2017

Timetable for building and exhibition

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Oct 7, Saturday 9am - 6pm

Oct 8, Sunday 9am - 6pm 

Oct 9, Monday 7am - 10pm

Oct 10 Tuesday 7am - 10pm

Oct 11 Wednesday 7am - 10pm

Exhibition opening hours

Oct 12, Thursday 9am - 5 pm, maintenance hours 7am - 9am

Oct 13, Friday 

9am - 5pm, maintenance hours 7am - 9am
Oct 14, Saturday 9am - 4pm, maintenance hours 7am - 9am


Oct 14, Saturday 4pm - 10pm

Oct 15 Sunday, 7am - 10pm

Oct 16 Monday, 7am - 8pm

Storing the machines

During building Oct 2-11

During dismantling Oct 14-22

Storing is not possible during the exhibition. The loading bridge is available in mentioned times. Tractor service is open 9am-5pm. Tractors are available in other times when agreed in advance. 

Driving to the exhibition hall

Driving to the hall ends Oct 11 at 5 pm due cleaning.