Cultivation was of interest at KoneAgria

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Visitors to KoneAgria have been interested in plant cultivation. The seed producers' department has had many requests after bids for spring seed.
- In particular, early oats have become queries and tenders, says Tuomas Mäkinen from Peltosiemi.
The same atmosphere was also at the Tilasiemen department.
- Farmers are worried about the coming spring seed because no one knows yet about the quality of the farm's own seed. Demand has been active. Bull beans and oats have been asked. In addition to novelty varieties, farmers have been interested in other varieties, too, says Jussi Joensuu.
Yara's department has also been lively.
- There is a lot of discussion about nutrition in general. Customers have been keen to experiment with the precision cultivation tool with Yara N-Sensor VR glasses, right up to the queue. N-Sensor can also be rented, says Antti Pakkanen from Yara.
Belor Agron Jarkko Kivelä is pleased with the encounters in the show.
- In the discussions here, we have received good feedback and feel that we have a product that many people know. Our business expands both in terms of both office and product, says Kivelä.
Belor Agro celebrates its tenth anniversary.
- In honor of the celebration we remember our first customer who has ordered our fertilizer ten times, says Kivelä.
Päivi Tähtinen and Katariina Mattila from the Finnish Cereal Committee (VYR) have been discussing with visitors about topical issues with farmers. In particular, deliberation and grain quality have been discussed.
- The quality of cereal grains late lasts all the time. The number of wheat is now below, as well as the proteins, says Tähtinen.
- There has been nicely crowd visiting, even though this year is not in the machine hall. The fair is once again well organized, VYR has been present twice in Jyväskylä and now for the second time in Tampere, says Päivi Tähtinen.
VYR organizes a seminar on organic food in November.
- Nature seems to be of interest to farmers, says Päivi Tähtinen.