KoneAgria 2016 went well

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The athmosphere in the exhibition was positive and there were good interest towards the machines, equipments and seminars.

Ledistys Oy participated as an exhibitors for the third time this year. Commercial representatives Olli Karsikas and Helena Riihitupa told that this year there were more customers than previous years.
- Almost 10 barns have been "lit" during the exhibition. Actual trades have been made and dozens of offers will be made, says Olli Karikas. Ledistys Oy had also lit the 2000 m2 tent hall in tthe exhibition.

- The athmosphere was good and commercially this was best exhibition in 2-3 years. The customers were interested of all our product categories and actual sales have also been made. We made also good contacts, says Tomas Kjellman from Tomas Kjellman Oy.

 Jarkko Hyyrönmäki from Agco Suomi Oy shares the same experience.
- The mood in our stand and among the customers was good. We sold a combine harvester, new tractors, snowplows, forest wagon...., Hyyrönmäki tells. He says that customers were interested in tractors of 150-250 horsepower.

There were 18 000 visitors in KoneAgria.
- We thank all the visitors, exhibitors and all the people that gave their contribution to the edxhibition, says the Exhibition Manager Marko Toivakka.
- As aligned last years, the KoneAgria exhibition will be every other year in Jyväskylä and every other year in Tampere. Next year we will meet in Tampere. The dates are 12 to 14 October, 2017.