KoneAgria is a safe event

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Together we make a safe event

By following these safety guidelines, we ensure a safe event for everyone.


Hand disinfection

Remember good hand and cough hygiene. We do not recommend handshakes or close contact. Please disinfect your hands at automats during the event.


Face masks

We recommend using a face mask at KoneAgria. In addition to good hand and cough hygiene and recommended safety distances, the mask is an effective way to protect yourself and others. Face masks are offered to visitors and exhibitors and are distributed at event entrances.


Sanitary areas

Please keep adequate safety distances and take care of proper hand washing. We recommend using hand disinfectant before and after using the sanitary facilities.


Public areas

Remember to keep safety distances, observe route directions, avoid handshakes, observe good hand and cough hygiene and use a face mask.


Restaurants and coffee shops

Please observe good hygiene when visiting the restaurant premises. Wash and disinfect your hands before the serving area. Non-contact hand disinfectant dispensers can be found in the restaurant premises. Please wear your face mask until you eat, sit with your own group and observe safety distances.


Guidelines for visitors

We believe that visitors come responsibly to the events they long have been waiting for, to experience and meet each other once again. We actively remind about the above-mentioned prevailing measures.