Customer invitations & identification cards

e-Invitations (Electronic) – You can still order these on event days

Orders and invitation deliveries are made through the eMessukeskus service.

Passes for Staff 

You can conveniently send passes to your exhibition team members via email or mobile phone through eMessukeskus on the "Send Passes" page.

Recipients of the pass can either print it in advance through the link provided in the email or print it at the entrances, where you can also obtain badge holders for the passes. To avoid waiting in line, we recommend delivering the passes in advance. You can create the number of passes you need.

The exhibitor pass is for the exhibition staff. The pass is personal and valid during the exhibition's setup, event, and teardown times. The pass must be displayed during the event and grants access to the exhibitor's lounge and benefits (e.g., exhibitor lunch and discounts at Finnrest cafes). The builder's pass is valid during the exhibition's setup and teardown times.

Instructions for sending electronic passes

to eMessukeskus

Customer Invitations & e-Invitations 

The event features electronic e-Invitations, which allow you to send invitations directly to hundreds of customers via email. You can include your own message and company images in the electronic invitation. Invitation codes are one-time use. You can send e-Invitations electronically even during the event.

Visitors can register for the event in advance using the code they receive on the event website or at the entrances during the event. Registering in advance allows them to enter smoothly without queuing at the registration points. Visitors will print a badge when registering, which grants them access to the fair on all fair days (badges can also be printed at the entrances as needed). By registering for the event, your customer can access the fair every day using the same badge.

Send tickets via the eMessukeskus "Invite Your Customers" page. The price per invitation is €12, excluding VAT.

You can send an unlimited number of e-Invitations – Electronic tickets will be invoiced based on the number of tickets scanned at the entrances after the event.


to eMessukeskus

Invitation Card, Professional Invitation (Print Ticket) 

You can order invitation cards, professional invitations (print tickets) through the eMessukeskus "Order Products and Services" page. The price per invitation is €12, excluding VAT.

You will receive invitation cards printed with your company's display name (in standard black font) if you order them by August 31, 2023. Please check your company's name in the eMessukeskus profile page to ensure that your billing name is not accidentally printed on the ticket. Modify your information if necessary before placing your order.

You can still order invitation cards after this date, but they will be delivered without your company name. To ensure delivery before the event, please order invitation cards without a company logo by September 20, 2023.

It's advisable to deliver print tickets to your customers in advance; they cannot be left for pick-up at the event venue's service points.

You can distribute an unlimited number of invitation cards - Professional invitations will be invoiced based on the number of tickets used, i.e., scanned at the entrance. It's recommended to order a generous quantity of invitation cards at once.