Important dates

On this page, you will find important dates related to exhibition participation.

Welcome to the KoneAgria as an exhibitor! 

Opening hours 
Thu 12 Oct 2023 at 9:00–17:00
Fri 13 Oct 2023 at 9:00–17:00
Sat 14 Oct 2023 at 9:00–16:00

Contruction scheludes and entrances


Check your invoicing details

    Check your invoicing details on eMessukeskus’ My profile page by 3 July 2023. Send any comments to
    Please note that changes made to the invoicing details after the invoice has been issued are subject to an additional charge.

      Propose a program

      If you have an interesting or current program that you would like to present to fair visitors, please propose a program by 31 July 2023 to producer Noora Sormunen,

      Book accommodation with a discount price

      Read more and book hotel


          Update your company profile

          We encourage you to update your company profile in eMessukeskus no later than 31 August 2023 to ensure visibility in the event info.

          Update the profile here


          Register co-exhibitors

          Register co-exhibitors participating in your joint stand through eMessukeskus (section Co-exhibitors) at the latest on 31 August 2023 and ensure their visibility in the event info. Co-exhibitors will be granted their own company-specific account and ID to use eMessukeskus.

          Co-exhibitors will be charged a registration fee according to the event-specific participation conditions. The registration fee for co-exhibitors for this event is 370 € + VAT.

          Register here

          Invite visitors to the event

          This event uses electronic eInvitations which allows you to reach hundreds of customers with just one click, and traditional printed invitations.

          The invitation contains a personalized code which your customer can use to skip payment on the event’s registration form. Each code can be used only once. We encourage visitors to register in advance to avoid lines at the registration machines at the exhibition centre’s entrances.

          The eInvitation can be customized with your own greeting and photos. The eInvitation tool and instructions can be found through eMessukeskus under Send eInvitations to Professionals.


          Printed Invitation Cards

          Please order printed Invitation Cards at the latest 31th of August 2023. Invitations Cards can be ordered from eMessukeskus "Order products and services".

          ORDER HERE

          Plan and order stand structures and furniture



          Logistics are operated by Suomen Event Logistics Oy. Contact details: Erkki Koski, tel. 040 546 9555,

          Logistics areas are available between Thu 5th to Wed 18th of Oktober. The area is closed between 11pm to 6.30 am.

          Please notice that the vehicle ramp is available only from 5th to 6th of Oktober and from 16th to 18th of Oktober.


            Make the most of logos and banners of the event in your own marketing channels

            Don’t forget to share your event participation and new product releases taking place during the event in your own marketing and communications channels such as social media. You can use the event logos, banners and images to advertise your attendance without restrictions.


            Take media representatives, bloggers and social media influencers into account

            Actively contact journalists and influencers inviting them to visit your stand. Publish press releases through eMessukeskus (under Press and Media) and submit printable versions to our Press Centre, which is open during the event opening hours. You can recognize journalists by their PRESS badge and bloggers along with social media influencers by their CONTENT CREATOR badge. The event is attended by numerous media outlets.

            Please advise the Communications Manager of the event should your stand include new releases, performers, a specific programme, press conferences or other activities that could interest the media. This will ensure that overlapping events can be avoided.

            Communications Manager Teija Armanto, puh. +358 50 376 0804,

            Publish your stand programme

            Does your stand offer a specific programme during the event? Update the programme to eMessukeskus (under Programme) to ensure its publication on our event website – this will guarantee you additional visibility completely free of charge.

            Click to update


            Washing places for machinery

            Self-service washing places available from Mon 9th at 10 am to Wed 11th of Oktober at 5 pm. Washing places are located at selvice-doors 8-9 in hall A and at Ilmailukatu side in hall D. 

            Passes for exhibitors and constructors

            You can conveniently email or send passes to your event team members mobile device through eMessukeskus (the Submit Passes tool opens on a few weeks before the event at the latest). The pass holder can print it in advance through the email link or the pass can alternatively be printed at any of the entrances of the exhibition centre or at our Exhibition Office. Badge pockets for passes are available at the entrances and the Exhibition Office.

            You can create as many passes as necessary.

            The exhibitor pass is for your personnel at the stand during the fair. This pass is personal and valid during the construction, event and dismantling periods of the event. The pass must be always visible during the event. In addition, the pass enables its holder to enter the Exhibitors’ Lounge together with benefits for purchasing goods.

            The constructor pass is valid during the construction and dismantling periods of the event. The constructor pass is free of charge.

            Send passes here


            Break room

            Break room and restaurant services are available to exhibitors during the fair. You can find the exhibitor's break room on the 2nd floor of Hall A, near the Kastrup restaurant. To access it, take the stairs up from the long side of Hall A. It's a great place to take a moment to relax during your busy exhibition day.

            Order stand catering and meal vouchers

            Please read more here


            Exhibitor parking during the event includes maintenance and dismantling time. The parking price is 20 € vat 0 %. Please order the parking ticket in advance ate the latest 20th August 2023. Parking ticket will be posted in advance. Later parking ticket orders can be picked up from the Exhibition Office in the lobby. We recommend ordering parking tickets in advance to avoid queueing.

            Please order your parking in advance from Emessukeskus

            Exhibition Office

            The Exhibition Office assists exhibitors and constructors during the construction and opening hours of the event regarding matters such as stand orders.


            Deliveries to your stand (packages/parcels)

            Mark items delivered to our Construction Service as follows:
            Tampereen Messu-­ ja Urheilukeskus
            Name of the event
            Name of the exhibitor, stand number
            Contact person and tel. number
            Ilmailunkatu 20
            FI-33900 TAMPERE, FINLAND

            Organizer are not responsible to receive deliveris.