Washing places for machinery

Self-service washing places available from Mon 9th at 10 am to Wed 11th of Oktober at 5 pm. Washing places are located at selvice-doors 8-9 in hall A and at Ilmailukatu side in hall D.


Logistics are operated by Suomen Event Logistics Oy. Contact details: Erkki Koski, tel. 040 546 9555, david@suomeneventlogistics.com.

Logistics areas are available between Thu 5th to Wed 18th of Oktober. The area is closed between 11pm to 6.30 am.

Please notice that the vehicle ramp is available only from 5th to 6th of Oktober and from 16th to 18th of Oktober.

Deliveries to your stand (packages/parcels)

Mark items delivered to our Construction Service as follows:
Tampereen Messu-­ ja Urheilukeskus
Name of the event
Name of the exhibitor, stand number
Contact person and tel. number
Ilmailunkatu 20

Organizer are not responsible to receive deliveris.